Welcome to Vicon Hotel Management College

Running a hotel, a restaurant or a company working in hospitality management is extremely challenging and requires professional skills, versatility and flexibility in a constantly changing environment. Hospitality industry is one of the largest providers of employment worldwide and India is no exception to it.
OPPORTUNITIES in hospitality industry can only become bigger & better in the years to come. A home away from home, the hospitality industry being the fastest growing and the most glamorous industry of all generates the maximum amount of foreign revenue which is a whopping 9% GDP gain on a national economy status annually and still increasing.Around 2 lakh vacancies occur every year through hospitality & tourism sector and keeps on rising with more international chains & luxury properties opening in India.
Students with:
Sound Departmental Knowledge
Good interpersonal & Communication skills
Better Technical Skills
An Attitude to serve
are high in demand with offers of better pay scales, easier promotions and chances of flying abroad enriching in experience with time.
Hospitality Education coupled with exposure to a quality hotel can help a youngster to develop good communication skills, leadership qualities, high sociability, eye for detail, quick decision making, high general awareness and interpersonal sensitivity.

Why choose Vicon

"Atithi Devo Bhava," an attitude to serve guests with a positive attitude will eventually promise growth potential to any individual in leaps and bounds over the years.
Vicon Hotel Management's mission is committed to disseminate knowledge in hospitality management to global hospitality industry and to train next generation of executives for whole hospitality profession. That's why we are constantly looking for ambitious, highly motivated young people who have that essential difference which we call "talent."
Vicon Hotel Management program will offer students a unique combination of technical and business skills for the hospitality industry and offer an excellent platform to those who dare to dream different.
Vicon Hotel Management prepares students to tackle most complicated situations. Our students are our assets and we have left no stone unturned in giving them refined vision.
We believe in change hence constantly keep updating ourselves to match international standards.
"Together, let's enter the new millennium with confidence and proficiency"...!!!